Are there reasons to eliminate HR in organizations?

Despite being one of the most internalized wishes by a large majority of workers, there are organizational, economic and commercial reasons that support the elimination of human resources areas. It would be unfair if I did not recognize the honorable exceptions that exist, assuming roles very different from the usual ones. Even so, it would suppress this stereotyped and endogamic figure of organizations. Today’s society requires organizational structures radically opposed to traditional ones. My REM design is an example of flexible, collaborative, extensive knowledge and an integrative structure.

The HR areas have been unable to adapt to the needs of the company and people. Your greatest responsibility is to know each of the people who make up the organization, manage their responsibilities and analyze the performance, but not based on what the company needs from that person, it must matter what the person can offer the organization. And this is where they are wrong, too.

A few years ago a new occurrence emerged that many HR departments started to adopt (of course, the occurrences are the first to see the light) and it was no other lighting than the GEFE (Spanish: Jefe=Manager; GEFE=Gestor de la Felicidad) or Happiness Manager (I save the outburst). What is it about having a person whose sole responsibility is to make employees happy. One comes happy from home, or not, but the company is not the place to be. Yes, professional development, collaboration, integration, organizational psychology, training … and then everyone will be more or less happy.

Motivational courses, another occurrence in the GEFE line. Has anyone stopped to analyze the level of frustration generated by these courses? After living a few isolated days of the company, with inspiring messages, with empowerment of the qualities (which some discover for the first time), even with the classification in different emotional profiles and attitude (which I do not see the joke to separate when it is about integrating), each one has come up and awaits the return to the job as if he were moving to a mansion where his life will be radically different. But the incautious, softer and more naive than a labrador puppy, faces against «the usual thing». Why you play with people’s illusions?

Organizational reasons
One of the responsibilities inherent to people with collaborators is to be close managing of each of them. It is not acceptable that, when this exists, the performance review is carried out once a year, maintaining inefficiencies during this gap of time. There is everything in the world and there are the responsible managers that keeping the communication open constantly and in group.
The organizational structure does not need an area outof the dayly manage and that «only» make payrolls, manages the fulfillment of the workday and develops training and motivation plans. It is necessary to change the model of people management and eliminate the serious inefficiencies and the enormous distance to the person.

Economic reasons
People management should be the area of ​​the organization with the least of closeness to the employee, thus eliminating the phobias and philias that cause so much damage. The People Management Interim is indicated in those traditional organizations and with a «family» treatment environment. The tangible benefits are high if exist the external management and a periodic council that includes employees, managers and external management. Payroll management is another clear element to outsource, exempting the organization from maintaining its own people and computer systems for this purpose.

Business reasons
The human framework is the one that will achieve the successes or the failures. If you only keep an eye on the income statement you are making a mistake that may put in risk the future viability of the company. Analyze how much more and better everything would work if the structure were open and flexible, if knowledge flowed through people, if the composition of teams was due to objectives and not to power.
You cannot ignore that each person can contribute an idea that is valid for procedural and even strategic improvement. Do you have a calculator close to you? Then, calculate the benefits you are despising.

Don’t think about it, it’s time to make decisions and break with unusable traditions. Ah! And don’t get obsessed with external talent if you don’t know your home, you might hire someone who was evicted in another company.

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